How to submit a story

We’re looking for diverse stories from storytellers and writers.
Our mission is to grow and build the audience for professional storytelling.
Want to become part of it?

We ask that you submit a minimum of three stories.
These stories must be compelling and have clean and professional sound quality.
Let us know the order of your favorites.

  • Mail a CD or download card to:
    The American Story Theater, PO Box 2462, Providence, RI 02906 USA
  • Email a dropbox link or soundcloud links to

We’ll need this info from you:

  1. bio
  2. target audience for each story: young people, families, adults
  3. topic and objective for each story (if there is one)
  4. any promo lines you’d like us to include.
  5. social media handles (facebook, twitter, website, soundcloud, whatever…)
  6. if there’s a particular timeliness or a season that the story is relevant to.
  7. story tags (myth, legend, politics, trees, unicorns, etc…)

Short Legal Stuff:
By submitting, you affirm that you own all the rights to the story, recording and any music; you agree to give us non-exclusive permission to use this story on our podcast royalty-free. The idea is to put it out into the world widely. We won’t resell your stories. You can. Please keep in mind that we won’t use every story we receive.



Do I have to be American to submit a story?
Nope. And the story doesn’t have to be set in the USA either. The American Story Theater is an idea and a geographical identity. We’re fairly fluid about our boundaries and invite everybody to participate. That said, our initial audience may be Americans. Or it may be people interested in knowing what Americans think — beyond the political rhetoric du jour. This answer  just got waay more political than we’re intending to be.

Why three stories?
Because we want pick from lots of stories, and its easier for everyone if we get them in batches, rather than dribbles. Storytelling is often time-sensitive. One story may be more apt this month than next. If you don’t have three stories, send what you have anyway, and we’ll see what we can do.